One card can be used both in Guangdong Province and Hongkong
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     As high technology quickly develop, On June 2, 2012, the bus card realized to be used both in Guangdong and Hongkong, this brings unlimited convenience to people who usually back and forth between these two places. The department of transportation has indicated that they will strive for realizing one-card which can be used in the whole province, and the traffic in Guangdong, Hongkong, Macao these three places will have no limit to go around in 2013.

      Lingnan TongOctopus co-branded card is the first two-wallet card of traffic card field in China. The cost for each card is RMB80, it is with combo chip inside the card, there are two independent electronic currency wallets( RMB wallet and Hongkong dallar wallet). Card holder would be able to consume with the RMB electronic currency wallet in Guangdong Province, and to consume with Hongkong electronic currency wallet of the card in Hongkong. Cards inssued in mainland China is named "Lingnan TongOctopus co-branded card", while those inssued in Hongkong is named CctopusLingnan Tong co-branded card". Co-branded card is unregistered and not able to report the lost. Card holder need to recharge charge the RMB wallet in the current Lingnan•Tong charge places before using the card while in Guangdong Province, if using the card in Hkongkong,  will need to charge the Kongkong dallar wallet in Cocopus charge places. These two currencies are not able to voluntary exchange at present, but this is the goal for our senior engineer of making card, believe it would come true very fast.

    It is said that co-branded card would be suitable to use in public transportation and small amount payment area which accept Lingnan Tong or Octopus Card. The "Yangcheng Tong" which is commoned used in Guangzhou was upgraded to Lingnan Tong automatically, it can be used in may places in Guangdong.

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