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General Secretary Xi Jinping come to Guangzhou Technology Enterprise Accelerator Investigation and Research[ 2018-10-30 ] - View: 1235 times

On the afternoon of October 24th, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping visited the Technology Development Enterprise Accelerator Park of Guangzhou Development Zone (referred to as the "Accelerator") to inquire about the development of small and medium-sized technology enterprises. Zhanfeng as the representative of the national smart card industry, Zhanfeng is located in the Accelerator Industrial Park. It is our pride and blessing to have the industrial park that has been fortunately inspected. Xi Jinping has a detailed understanding of R&D, sales and export of enterprises. He pointed out that private enterprises have made great contributions to China's economic development and the future is limitless. The Party Central Committee has always attached importance to and supported the development of the non-public ownership economy. This has not changed or changed. Innovation and creation of entrepreneurship are inseparable from small and medium-sized enterprises. We must create better conditions for the development of private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. Party committees and governments at all levels must implement the Party Central Committee's policies and measures to support the development of private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, and help them solve practical difficulties in terms of policies, financing, and business environment. They also hope that private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises will focus on their main businesses and strengthen their autonomy. Innovate, train internal strength, strive to achieve new development, and make greater contributions to the motherland's strength and people's happiness.

As the first smart card manufacturer in Guangzhou, we will review the guidance of Chairman Xi. We actively strengthen our independent innovation capability and obtain a number of patent certificates. At the same time, we are also actively practicing the internal strength of intelligent manufacturing to achieve high smart card manufacturing. With the development of quality, we are also expanding the internationalization of the ZF CARD brand and actively participating in the competition in the international market. Efforts to share more employment for the country, and strive to provide employees with a larger stage, and strive to provide greater value to customers.

Guangzhou Zhanfeng Smart Card Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Accelerator Park of Science and Technology Enterprises in Guangzhou Development Zone. It is a professional smart card factory integrating R&D, production and sales. It has a production base of 3,000 square meters, 100 employees and 20 R&D technicians. The output is up to 18 million pieces; it has many years of rich production management experience, safe and stable operation mode, excellent and perfect qualification certification, world-leading card-making technology and smart card production line, strict management measures and standardized ISO9001:2008 international quality management system. Zhanfeng is committed to providing high-quality products and comprehensive value-added services to every customer. We strive to realize ZF CARD as the first-class brand of international smart cards, and live up to the chairman's ardent hope for private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises.



Dear Sir or Madam,

We are pleased to announce that our company has been moved to new and larger premises. The move will allow us to increase our production levels and make us even more efficient. We would like to thanks for your continued support. The follow  is our new company information.



New Company Name: Guangzhou Zhanfeng Smart Card Technology Co.,Ltd.

New Address: 5/F, Building A5, NO.11 Kaiyuan Road, Science City, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Hunagpu District, Guangzhou, China

New Business license number: 91440116675657940U

Postcode: 510530



Old Company Name: Guangzhou Zhanfeng Card Making Co.,Ltd

Old Address: Rm. 601, Building C, No. 8, Fukang West Street, Yushu Industrial Park, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Old Business license number: 440105000082069
Old Postcode: 510663

                    Company: Guangzhou Zhanfeng Smart Card Technology Co.,Ltd

                      Notice Date: March 29, 2017

Zhanfeng Card Making holp 2015 ShenZhen Smart Card Exhibition With More Products[ 2015-09-09 ] - View: 1939 times

2015 China(Shenzhen) International Internet of Things and Smart China Exhibition was held ceremoniously on August 20-22.There were so many the latest products and the technologies which many IOT companies showed from all over the world together.

Guangzhou Zhanfeng Card Making Co.,Ltd also took part in this exhibiton.We showed all kinds of products for clients and audiences in our booth B2/B3.They are Contactless IC card,Contact IC card,MIFARE® card,MIFARE® S50/S70 card,Rfid card,NFC card,keyfob,smart wristbands and so on.

Zhanfeng Card Making posses a green and well-managed factory with 250 staff members in cluding 20 technicians,advanced machines imported from abroad with monthly output of 13 million pieces of cards,and covering a land area of 2500 square meters in Guangzhou high technology production base--Guangzhou science city.

Our Zhanfeng excellent and high qualtiy products were not only attracted and inquired by clients and audiences,but also loved and approved deeply.Actually they are all happy to establish business cooperation with our Zhanfeng Making card.

At this time we have to thank everyone from the Organizer for the successful exhibition.And thanks for everyone who worked on this exhibit.Finally we must appreciated our old clients or new who supported and trusted us.

Zhanfeng Card proceed Fire control safety common sense practice[ 2012-07-11 ] - View: 3060 times

      Yesterday afternoon , the fire brigade of Tian he District educated the knowledges of the fire control safety and also helped us to proceed the fire control practice .It was great project that most of our employes realized the importance of fire control safety . To own Safe production is basic of the company .

      Some say, fire ,is the friend of us,as it give us the light and warm ,and And promote the development of human society and civilization . Fire is necessaries in our life , Just like evey coin has two side , fire also can be very dangerous that is enough  to destory everything you have .Therefore , know more about fire control is the better way to prevent the disaster . Enterprice ,as the basic element of society ,play a great role on fire control ,strongly connected with the long-term development of the company ,with the stability of society .

    Our company has always take great safe production into cosideration, the each cornes of workshop has the fire fighting apparatus.The company realized, the production safety , which is the way to ensure the long-term development of the enterprise, to be one of the biggest security of the life safety  and property of employees .

    At the beginning of the practice , the fire officer taught us the laws ,the common sense of the fire control  and how to escape and advice our employees, how to prevent the fire accident ,how to use the fire extinguisher etc. We are well educated  and felt these are very useful in our life . Then ,in the practice, as the requirement of the office, all of us need to use the fire extinguisher to pull out of the fire ,as the feedback of the class .Wow, it is man job , mos of our male workers done a good job while our cute girls couldn't open the safe finger ,and even fall down as too nervous ,that was very funny but we did learn a lot of things .

     The practice was last for too long ,but it will impact us forever . Zhanfeng Card will go on to do well in the fire control ,we promise :" Good quality products with safe production to Maintain social security "

    In the end , hope more and more companies can take part in the fire protection education . the safe production --- fire control is key. Do well fire control work is enterprise health long-term development way.

   Live demo then fire water spray gun

Live demonstration using a fire extinguisher

This article from the www.zfcards.com - Guangzhou's first smart card manufacturer

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