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Process Engineer
Customer's system cannot suport and recognize our sample card ?
Color difference from cumputer color and finished cards ?
What crafts IC card has normally ?
How to place an order? What processes an order needs?
Senior Engineer
Why the embossing number are not suitable for the M1 Card ?
How to place an order? What are the processes under the order?
To make the specific details of the plain code card
What is the NFC smart tag?
Introduction of IC card
Smart card printing and offset printing features and differences
IC card system and ID card system
The difference between IC card and ID card
Membership card making and classification
Bar code card classification and common code system
What are the reasons that affect the price of PVC card?
Where is the advantage of smart CPU card?
The introduction of chip bank card
How should be properly the PVC card preserved in daily use?
What are the items that need to be confirmed before placed order list of the HID card ?
What is a visual card?
What is the internal code format of the MF1 card?
What is a parent membership card?
Portrait card features and production technology
How to Distinguish Card Material?
Magnetic stripe card details
Common card structures and specifications
Business card printing and proofing why there will be color difference?
Membership card design standard size
What is the membership card made of?
what is Smart card electronic student card ?
What is a car smart card?
What is the difference between NFC tags and RFID tags?
Membership card design requirements and specifications
Is the bus card IC card?
What kind of situation do you need to know before making IC card?
What artwork does smart card have?
What are the smart card coding artwork?
The production process of smart IC card
Smart IC card structure and specifications
what is a contactless IC card?
What is the material of ABS key chain card?
Transparent card quality inspection method
Application of Smart Card in Library
RFID mobile payment
What about the metal card process
What are the advantages of NFC?
What is a Java card?

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