Why the embossing number are not suitable for the M1 Card ?

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Why the embossing number are not suitable for the M1 Card ?
Author: κ ( ZFCARD-Marketing Department ) View: 2045 times Pubdate: 2012-08-25

     The nice small embossing number are popular ,we always told to make embossing number at the left bottom or right .Then same need s for the M1
Cards.(see the Photo 1)

          (Photo 1:Fundan M1)

      Before the lamination ,we are able to see the location of the chip : But after it , we have no idea where the chip will be inside the no-transparent pvc card (see the Photo 2) , left or right or middle ? In this case , if we still chose to punch some embossing number in somewhere of the card that may destory the chips . In this way ,we got nothing but take more risks and increase the reject ratio

 (Photo 2:Fundan M1 chip card )

      Some might say , there is nothing in the middle of the coils, so it is good place for embossing number ? To be honest , it works ,but we nomally don't suggest . If insisit , better keep the numbers under the range of 11-12 digits ,including the word "NO" , digits  and space {like:NO.8888 8888}
      Some also say, why not make the coil smaller ,so forget the chip, we can punch the codes at anywhere 
      Actually , the small coil only for the irregular card . For the standard card ,change the size of the coil means change the frequency that will directley impact the functions ot the chips &the card . Any way ,this is not a good idea.



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