How to place an order? What are the processes under the order?

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How to place an order? What are the processes under the order?
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 1590 times Pubdate: 2018-04-16
1. The correct order is coreldraw 9 file, also can provide FSD file, AI file, PDP file can also be provided. After the company professionally designs and processes the manuscripts, the customers will finally confirm the draft.The words, symbols and patterns must be turned into curves to turn into a dot matrix.

2. inside frame specification: 85.5mm*54mm, frame specification: 88.5mm*57mm, card angle is 10 degrees.

3. small convex code is No. 14, and the large convex code is No. 16. It can be used as a blackbody to indicate that small convex codes and large convex codes, including spaces, can only be 15 bits at most. A protruding code can burn gold for silver or otherGold and silver, special requirements can be used as a personality convex code

4. The edge distance between the convex code and the card must be greater than the edge (upper and lower) edges of the 5m magnetic stripper and the width of the 4mm magnetic strip is 12mm

5. Contact TC card: the position of the design of the convex code should not be pressed to the reverse side of the chip, otherwise the chip will not be swiped.

6.  convex code design position do not press to the reverse side of the C chip or can not read barcode data, IC card to provide bar code model for customers to leave space

7.  color tones: the ideal stage is in the range of 16%-85% if the high light is lower than 18% or higher than 85% color gradient darkened part.

8. color mode to CMYK and pure black text or black coloring K100 blocks of solid color, anti white, white and white edge.

9.  lines should not be less than 0.076mm or printing will not be presented

10. Don't set the shading or color map below 6% cannot be presented so as not to waste when printing

11.  the documents of the contact type C card for the production car should be noted in the manuscript before the order.

A. How many pieces of the total production of note cards marked number from which to begin and special requirements for small and large number of convex convex code code, code or code?

Do you need to burn gold, ironing or ironing? Are there any signatures on the reverse? The card number or the tail number is "4 or 7"

B. If there is a pattern or text on the front, it needs to be marked with a hot or hot silver.

C. Non contact IC card should be explained in the following manuscript if there is a special process.

12. because the card printing carrier is different, the printed waste will have a certain color difference from the color manuscript displayed by the computer or printed out.

13. According to the CMYK color coloring coloring book, computer screen color printer color and meal, can do for printing color

First: there is a special merchandiser who is responsible for communicating with customers, accepting orders and designs through network (mail, network hard disk, MSN, etc.), express delivery, telephone and meeting.

Second: If the client does not have a design draft, we can help design

Third: after the confirmation of the manuscript, the company is responsible for making an order for the confirmation of the signature of the company.

Fourth: the customer Fu Dingjin (cash, bank transfer) began to produce the production cycle (4-8 days, depending on the order process, quantity. " Customer needs we can speed up

Full payment of 1000 pieces of goods in front of the card, 1000 more than 330%-50%).

Fifth: after the completion of the payment of the surplus payment.


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