What is the NFC smart tag?

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What is the NFC smart tag?
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 1813 times Pubdate: 2018-04-17
Due to the demand of many foreign customers for NFC smart tags, we have a detailed and in-depth 
understanding of them. Under the background of information, era and high speed civilization, 
various intelligent and humanized scientific and technological achievements are constantly bred,
for people's lives with more convenient. This is not NFC smart tags into our lives and work.

First, let's first understand what are NFC smart tags? 

NFC is the abbreviation of Near Field Communication, that is, short-range wireless communication 
technology. The NFC jointly developed by Philips and Sony is a non-Contact identification and 
interconnection technology that can be used on mobile devices, close range wireless communication 
between consumer electronics, PC and smart control tools. NFC provides a simple, touch-sensitive 
solution that allows consumers to simply and intuitively exchange information and access content and 

Second, what are the applications of NFC smart tags in life and work?

NFC smart tags. It's a kind of close range communication technology. It can be switched quickly, 
like a punch card. For example, you can put an NFC tag in the car, and then set it to open the 
navigation system, turn on the Bluetooth, and turn on the music, the ringtone turns mute, and 
every time you get on the bus, touch the NFC tag with your phone, and you can turn on these previously
set features in sequence, quite useful. A red and a black two NFC tags, in fact, different colors 
of the NFC tags because the tags inside the identifier is not the same, so they are completely 
different for the phone ah, so you can also set different actions. NFC's earliest commercial release 
in the world : Germany, Mainz Transportation Company ( RMV ), April 19, 2006,Philips, Nokia, vodafone 
and Rhein-Main Verkehrsverbund, a transit network operator in the Mainz region of Frankfurt, Germany, 
announced, near-range wireless communications ( NFC ) technology is about to be commercially available 
after a successful 10-month field trial. Currently, the Nokia 3220 mobile phone has integrated NFC 
technology, can be used as electronic tickets, and can also be used in local retail stores and tourist 
attractions as a discount loyalty card. 

About 95,000 residents of the city of Hanau are now able to enjoy the NFC type bus mobile ticket with just
a light brush compatible with their phones 


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