Smart card printing and offset printing features and differences

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Smart card printing and offset printing features and differences
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 277 times Pubdate: 2018-04-18
one, smart card screen printing features : 

1 : smart card printing ink layer thickness, smart card screen printing worries : colorful, gives a very full 
feeling, three-dimensional sense of strong, suitable for a large area of the field, Wen Yu and other patterns. 
Smart card screen printing shortcomings : consumption, ink than smart card offset about 3 times, light curing 
speed is slow, ink film contraction is obvious, easy to cause the contraction of the card, and even bending, 
and cause quality problems. 

2 : the smart card printing precision is low, by the screen printing process and raw materials, etc, screen 
printing image accuracy 80-120 line / inch, the reproduction range of dot tone is generally 10 % -85 %, so the level of product delicacy is not enough. 

3 : smart card printing, printing pressure is small, screen printing is soft and elastic, printing pressure 
is small, the impact on the content of the card is small, is conducive to the protection of the card. 

                Smart card printing samples

smart card offset printing features 

1 : smart card offset printing ink layer, the ink layer is generally 2-3 Mm, and silk screen ratio, the ink 
layer is thin and the stereo feeling is poor. Correspondingly, the ink light curing speed is fast, the ink 
consumption is small, and the deformation of the disc is not easy to be caused by the shrinkage of the ink, 
the flatness of the platter is small. 

2 : smart card printing graphics and text reproduction effect is good, is an indirect transfer method, is the 
plate on the graphics and text transferred to the blanket, and then transferred to the card printing surface, 
therefore, the dot deformation of offset printing is small. Waterless offset printing, the biggest feature is 
that there is no ink balance, and no watermark version of the structure is relatively fine honey, the number 
of lines can reach 175-200 lines / inch, the printed pattern is clear, the texture is strong, and the color 
reproduction is good. Such as printing some excessive color when the effect is better, suitable for the 
character scenery and other main business card printing cover. 

                  Smart Card Offset Sample 


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