What is a visual card?

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What is a visual card?
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 1634 times Pubdate: 2018-05-03
Visual card ( also known as : visual copy card, easy to see card, rewrite digital copy card, Windows T card, thermal sensitive copy card, hot magnetic stripe cards, etc. ). On 1S07816, who has a magnetic card or smart card with a layer that can be printed again and again can be a visual copy material, also known as a visual film, so that every customer card checkout when you can print out the consumption record and promotion information on the card surface, you can also erase and reprint the printed content at the next consumption, not only the cardholder can easily check their own consumption records, merchants can also update promotional information at any time, thus promoting two-way interaction.

The visual replication card adopts the most advanced thermal sensitive rewritable technology, which is developed on the basis of traditional thermal technology. The traditional thermal sensitive materials can only be used once, and the new thermal rewritable materials can be used repeatedly. The visual replication card is a card that covers the " Thermoo Rewrite " material, and the surface information of the card can be read and rewritten repeatedly, so that the original card is fixed the face becomes a dynamic information window. At present, there are two kinds of " Thermo Rewrite " materials used on the visual card : one is the silver type thermal sensitive material, that is, the silver card; the other is the black, blue and red thermochemical reaction materials, that is, white black, blue, red card.

The following is the characteristics of the visual card :

1, the card surface can directly print the customer's consumption records every time, to facilitate the cardholder to view at any time.

2, can be repeatedly erased and re-printed card surface information ( text, pictures ), visual information can be maintained for a long time.

3, can effectively protect the interests of consumers, and promote businesses to enhance the sense of credibility.

4, you can choose different colors of printing materials, set different sizes of print range.

5, personalized visual information, full of taste and fashion. 


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