Is the bus card IC card?

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Is the bus card IC card?
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 1010 times Pubdate: 2018-05-25
Today, a customer asked me if the bus card is Ic card? I can now tell you that the bus card is IC card, 
and is E-contact IC card, because IC card is divided into contact IC card and non-contact IC card, the 
kind of Ic card that needs to be plugged into the phone in the early days is the contact-type IC card, 
which is later developed with the development of radio frequency technology, it makes the contact IC 
card a reality. 

The bus card you are using now is a rich E contact IC card. The 3k contact IC card itself is a passive 
body, when you make the bus IC card close contact with the bus card to read when writing the device, 
the bus card reader sends out two superimposed signals, one part is the power signal, and the signal is 
contacted with the bus card reader by the bus card, the IC circuit inside the public transportation IC 
card produces resonance, thus a instantaneous energy is generated to supply the internal chip of the bus 
card IC card; the other part is a combination of data signals, modification and storage of data through 
agreed communication protocols, and return to the bus reader, so after you punch a card, you can see the 
balance of your bus Ic card on the bus card reader. 


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