What kind of situation do you need to know before making IC card?

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What kind of situation do you need to know before making IC card?
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 963 times Pubdate: 2018-05-25
Many customers in the production of Ic card, do not know what they need to know, this is because the 
customer's process of making Ic card is not very clear. If you know the IC card production process, 
you will understand what you need to know. 

First let me talk about the production process of IC card, the following is the whole process of making 
Ic card, the main steps are as follows : 

the first step is to communicate with the customer, make sure the order. 

1, to help customers design manuscripts or ask for design manuscripts with the customer. 
2. Review design manuscripts of customers. 
3, to determine the design of the customer's manuscript. 
4, to determine the business card printing process, business card printing process mainly reflects the 
card number. The process of card number is : flat code, spray code, laser code, convex gilding, convex 
code hot silver. The surface of the card is : smooth surface, matte surface, dumb face, drawing. 
5, determine the IC card chip model, the customer can choose their own IC card chip model according to 
their own situation. 3, contract with the customer, the next deposit. If the customer needs proofing, 
you need to pay the sample fee at the same time. The second step is to start printing business card 
printing. Customers have the requirements of proofing, then first published proofing, send samples to 
the customer inspection quality, quality ok, start mass production and production. 2, according to the 
customer's choice of different business card printing process began to produce IC card, the production 
process is as follows : synthesis-> punching cut-> test-> milling slot-> package-> chip inspection the 
final inspection of the finished product is the final quality inspection of the finished product card, 
and then the package is packaged. The next step is to contact the customer to send KuaiDi, the final 
step is to contact the customer to confirm receipt of the goods. 


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