Application of Smart Card in Library

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Application of Smart Card in Library
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 228 times Pubdate: 2018-06-07

Smart card IC card is an integrated circuit card. It is a plastic card with a microprocessor and connected to network terminal facilities. It was only a decade ago.Developed a new product, in addition to the storage of data, as well as computing, processing, control capabilities, is considered to be the world's smallest personal computer. IC card not only has large storage capacity but also is safe and reliable. Its initial application is mainly used as a credit card in the financial field. October 1996 Exster University Library and Natweet, in partnership with Mondex, has developed a new smart card pilot project. This smart card can be used as a campus card with many functions and as a library card. It plays an important role in library information service. This paper mainly introduces the development technology of this smart card and its application in library information service:

Smart cards have many functions. Specific to libraries, they mainly include circulating Mondex cards as user book cards and paying for a variety of paid services All of the library cards are made by the library itself, and after the use of smart cards, school administrators hand over computer tapes containing new student registration information to the library before the start of each school year. The system librarian uses the standard LIBERTAS system to transfer the information to the library computer, giving each student a number, and then making a library card and printing the H bar code. In the new Mondex card LIBERTAS, the bar code is no longer printed because all student information is included on the chip in the card and given the space constraints of the card. Each Mondex card has a number called the FLD number, and the last ten digits of this number serve as the library card number for the user. The FL number is still printed on the Mondex card, taking into account the needs of foreign users. Users can use the Mondex card to read and borrow books in the library, or to use the library computer and information service system. Libraries can connect Mor dex cards directly to the penalty charging subsystem of the LIERTAS system according to their own fine policy, which is convenient for library staff, but too direct. It's easy for users to worry about being fined when they borrow a book with a Mondex card. So.


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