Business card printing and proofing why there will be color difference?

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Business card printing and proofing why there will be color difference?
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 200 times Pubdate: 2018-05-17
Many customers know that our business card printing company to print the card, first of all to a version 
of the film back, the film is like the previous Japanese camera used in the film - kind, rely on it to 
wash the photos, and we print the card, also rely on the publication of the film to print. 

I have met a client before, and this client thinks that Lin can be reused because of his contact with the 
printing bank, as if he wanted to make proofing, he thought that when the sample was used in the forest and 
the film is the same, then there will be no color difference, this customer is very picky, because he is 
facing the customers in Europe and the United States, often strict requirements. And the fact is, the film 
used by the printing company is all one-off, and every order is republished every time, every time the film 
is new, this actually has the first layer of protection for the quality of the card printing, but to do so, 
because the film is not the same, so the color difference will also have, but they are within the scope of 
the industry within 10 % of the soil, which is absolutely understandable. Customers also need to understand 
this common sense, will not be misunderstood on our line, that color can be done 100 %. Of course, if there 
is a sample card and color to our factory, we can guarantee the color range is within the soil 5, which will 
be a very satisfactory result. 

Finally, he understood it by communicating with the customer again and again, explaining it to the customer.
At the same time, he also took the sample card with the frequency color to give us a factory, and finally 
reached the customer's requirements, the color difference in S5, the perfect deal of this single. Zhanfeng 
business card printing company has been committed to providing customers with the most satisfied with the 
card, but at the same time, also hope that customers can understand our work, understand the color 
difference is inevitable in the printing industry, so everyone can save a lot of trouble, so as to make 
progress together. 


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