Common card structures and specifications

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Common card structures and specifications
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 201 times Pubdate: 2018-05-17
customers often ask our industry L clerk about card structure and card specifications, and here are some 
of my summary about the card knot structure and card specification common sense, for the next customer 
to view. 

Card structure : 
the card is made of PVC as the basic material, with different auxiliary materials. 
Plastic card : with a certain thickness of PVC as the card base, on the PVC attached to other processes. 
Magnetic stripe card : attach _ upper magnetic stripe on PVC surface. 
IC smart card : embed electronic module on PVC film base. 
Contactless cards : electronic modules and coils are placed inside PVC, and the modules and coils are not 
Personalization card : printing on PVC card base such as pattern, photo, text, barcode and so on. , 

card specification : 
length : 85.47-85.72 mm 
width : 53.20-54.03 mm 

card thickness : 
magnetic card ( standard : IS07811 ) : 0.76 +-0.08 mm 
IC card ( Execution of who : IS07816 ) : 0.81 +- 0.03 mm 
non-contact IC card ( execution standard : IS01442 ) : 0.86 +-0.03 mm 
above various card sizes the size is 85.5 mm X54m for the international standard, and the thickness can be 
adjusted according to the customer's requirements. 


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