How to Distinguish Card Material?

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How to Distinguish Card Material?
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 186 times Pubdate: 2018-05-16
Generally in the market generally see the card is almost all PVC materials, such as, the major supermarket 
production membership card, credit card, bank card, bar code card, magnetic stripe card, IC card, and so 
on. In the rapid development of society today, the card is everywhere, is a good magic weapon for the 
publicity of major businesses. Of course, the cards also have good or bad quality. Reputable, quality 
merchants will choose quality cards, ordinary PVC cards usually have two kinds of materials, one is the 
new PVC, the second is ordinary PVC. The new PvC material printing effect is good, not easy to fade, 
durable. Ordinary PVC sandwiched between a layer of gray material, the quality of natural under the first 
class, it does not look very beautiful. And the best way to distinguish these two materials is from the 
side of the contrast, the new PVC and ordinary PVC can be seen immediately after a comparison, the new 
material card is white, the ordinary material is gray, as shown below : 

the printing effect is also different, of course, and the choice of ink also has a relationship, --upscale 
PVC cards will also add a layer of film on the surface of the card, so that the card will never fade, 
as shown below : 

subdivided, the card can be divided into PVC material or environmental protection materials, and 
environmental protection materials have PET or ABS, and the latter two materials are environmentally 
friendly materials that meet international standards, european countries are relatively speaking of 
higher quality requirements, and these two materials can be in full compliance with the requirements 
of European countries. The cards of PVC and PET or ABS material have no obvious difference from the 
naked eye, and the best way to distinguish them is to dip the card in a cup of warm water, in the case 
of ordinary PVC material, the card will be deformed and will bend; in the case of environmentally 
friendly materials, the cards are kept in good condition. 


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