Magnetic stripe card details

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Magnetic stripe card details
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 179 times Pubdate: 2018-05-16
as we all know, with the most magnetic stripe card is the bank card, go to the supermarket checkout, as 
long as the bank card to take out a brush, then on the password, you can pay. Magnetic stripe and chip 
cards can store information, but the relative chip card, the cost is much lower, so it is widely used. 

The following can be convenient for you to understand the magnetic stripe card : 

magnetic stripe card can store information, the general magnetic stripe has three tracks, the default 
write magnetic track is generally two tracks, so in the case that the customer did not mention, if you 
want to write the magnetic ( that is, write data, letters and other information ), our factory is written 
on the second track, if the customer does not read out the information, it does not matter because the 
card reader can set which track to read as long as it is set to read second rail, the problem is solved. 

The magnetic stripe is divided into high anti-27500e and resistance 300OE, the high anti-magnetic stripe 
price is higher, the anti-magnetic performance is good, and the bank card is with high diamagnetic. And 
the general magnetic stripe reader has, a single readable type ( read high resistance or high resistance ) 
and read and write type, such as can write magnetic, then the card reader must be read and write 

Standard magnetic stripe width is 12.7 mm, black magnetic stripe. You can also do a narrow magnetic strip, 
the width can be 6mm / 8mm : magnetic stripe color is also variable, but also can be gold, silver, green 
and so on. But the non-standard quasi-magnetic strips are not in stock and need to be purchased in another 
night, and the cost is relatively high, if there are special requirements, the customer can ask the 
salesman, if the salesman confirms that he can purchase the specific magnetic stripe and price, and the 
price can be quoted. If there is any demand from our customers, the company will try our best to provide 
the solution for the customers. 


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