Portrait card features and production technology

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Portrait card features and production technology
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 218 times Pubdate: 2018-05-14
portrait card combined with smart card technology, the portrait information is cited in the IC or ID card 
surface, the formation of a convenient smart card system, will be able to greatly improve management, you 
can print personal color photos, name, number, position, logo, unit department name, bar code and so on, 
and not subject to quantitative restrictions, photo quality, clear and realistic. 

First. the characteristics of portrait card : 
1. clear and lifelike, 
2. portrait card beautiful and generous 
3. is widely used in enterprises and institutions of staff work permit, school student card, etc. 
4. according to the requirements of customers using different production technology. 

Second. portrait card application range : 
portrait card can be used for chest card, business card, temporary residence permit, attendance card, 
medical certificate, work permit, service card, customs declaration card, tax certificate, conference card, 
membership card, preferential card, student ID, driver's license, press card, traffic police duty card and 
other card production. 

three. portrait card production process : 
can be provided by the customer to turn the original document or we design for customers, can realize 
convex code, magnetic stripe, barcode, spray code, bronzing, portrait, personalized data processing and 
other processes.


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