Smart IC card structure and specifications

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Smart IC card structure and specifications
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 443 times Pubdate: 2018-06-05
   today I want to talk about the smart IC card structure and specifications, intelligent IC card structure mainly has four PVC surface and chip and coil composition. Four PVC surfaces are distributed at the top of the printing surface, under the printing surface are the upper layer of the chip, and below the upper layer is the combination of the chip and the coil.Layer of induction system, this is the core part of the smart IC card. Under the chip and coil combination layer is the lower layer of the carrier chip and the coil, this layer has coil slot and chip slot, which is mainly convenient for carrying chip and coil. At the bottom of the laminate layer is the card base, which is used to reinforce the cladding layer. Knowing the basic structure of the card, I also need to know the basic specification of the card. The basic size of the smart IC card is 85.5 mm x 54mm.The basic size of the card, generally before printing we must maintain the 3mm bleeding position to ensure the error of machine printing. The following is an illustration of the smart card structure

For chips and coils we mainly choose domestic and imported smart card chips and coils, such as imported Siemens chip, Atmel chip, Philips chip, domestic Fudan chip and so on. Through the above study and understanding, you already know the basic structure of the specific smart card.


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