Transparent card quality inspection method

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Transparent card quality inspection method
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 203 times Pubdate: 2018-06-07
today there is a transparent card to make a customer asked me how to check the quality of transparent cards, for this quality problem I give you a few dimensions do not check the quality of transparent cards.

The first quality dimension: the smoothness of the transparent card

After a few months or even a few years of use, the surface is still smooth, the picture is clear and durable, providing convenience for customers and end users to manage membership cards, which is significantly superior to the membership card which is easy to lose color and easy to break.

Second quality dimension: transparent card whiteness

Because the business card printing manufacturers do not produce PVC materials are provided by the specialized manufacturers of PVC materials, the price differentiation standard is generally white, the more white card base, the higher the entry price. The Guangzhou Zhanfeng business card printing company uses new [] raw materials, which is about 40% higher than those mixed with recycled materials, but it is worth the pure white color and high quality cards for customers.

Third quality dimension: transparent card thickness

In order to save material cost, some business card printing manufacturers often do not customize the business card printing material according to the international thickness standard of membership card.
The thickness of the material is less than that of 0.76mm to save the cost of the material. If membership card thickness is strictly in accordance with international standards, it must be greater than the thickness of 0.76mm,It's good.

The fourth quality dimension: transparent card color aberration

Observe the color difference of the transparent card, observe the first and last batch color difference is very small, because use the high quality ink, can make the color of the transparent card printing not easy to distort or change the color.


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