What are the advantages of NFC?

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What are the advantages of NFC?
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 225 times Pubdate: 2018-06-11
    A client asked me today what is the advantage of NFC? Now let me answer that question, but NFC was originally just a combination of remote identification and network technology, but now it has evolved into wireless connectivity. It can set up wireless network quickly and automatically, provide a "virtual connection" for cellular devices, Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi devices, so that electronic devices can communicate in a short range. The short distance interaction of NFC greatly simplifies the whole process of authentication and identification. It makes electronic devices access each other more directly, more safely and more clearly without having to hear all kinds of electronic murmur. By combining all identification applications and services on a single device, NFC helps solve the problem of memorizing multiple passwords, while ensuring the security of data.

   Like RFID, the information is transmitted by electromagnetic induction coupling in the wireless frequency part of the spectrum, but there is still a great difference between the two. First of all, NFC is a wireless connection technology that provides easy, secure and rapid communication. Its transmission range can reach several meters or even tens of meters than that of RFID. However, because of the unique signal attenuation technology adopted by NFC, Compared with RF ID, NFC has the characteristics of close distance, high bandwidth and low energy consumption. Secondly, NFC is compatible with the existing contactless smart card technology and has become a formal standard supported by more and more major vendors. NFC is also a close-off connection protocol that provides easy, secure, rapid and automated communication for a variety of devices. Compared with other connections in the wireless world, NFC is a close private communication mode. Finally, RFID is more used in production, logistics, tracking, asset management, while NFC is playing a huge role in access control, public transport, mobile payment and other fields.

    At the same time NFC is also superior to Hongxi and Bluetooth transmission mode. As a consumer-oriented trading mechanism, NFC is faster, more reliable, and simpler than infrared. Compared with Bluetooth, it is suitable for exchanging important data such as financial information or sensitive personal information. Compared with Bluetooth, it can make up for the deficiency of NFC communication distance, and can be used for long distance data communication. Therefore, NFC and Bluetooth complement each other and exist together. In fact, a fast and lightweight NFC protocol can be used to boot


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