What is a Java card?

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What is a Java card?
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 234 times Pubdate: 2018-06-11
    Recently, there have been some Java cards on the market, and these cards are becoming more and more popular. What is a JAVA card? JAVA card is a contact microprocessor smart card that can run JAVA program.

    The early smart cards came mainly in the form of a medium in which money could be stored inside the card, allowing it to be used on public telephones or vending machines. What it completes is a kind of storage information application. At this time the demand for cards is not large. At the same time, the application of cards is not many. Recently, as smart cards have become more "smart," because of their advantages, they have become more and more widely used: credit cards from banks, medical cards for storing personal medical information, To wired and wireless network security module cards and so on. The application of smart card can be said to involve various fields, almost everyone has to deal with smart card. The demand in the market has risen sharply, and more new smart card applications have emerged. But what contradicts the sharp rise in demand for smart cards is:

     The research and development of smart card application is a complicated and long process. Although the size of smart card structure and communication protocol, the international standard IS07816 has been stipulated, but the card manufacturers are different in the development of smart cards. Each card manufacturer has its own unique set of instructions for the operation of its own smart card, since all smart cards are developed in a specialized development environment. Cards with the same applications produced by different card makers may not be compatible, which complicates the use of cards by different manufacturers in the same system. Few people know how to program smart cards. The complexity and inconsistency of smart card programming will seriously hinder the development of smart card. The market demands new requirements for the development of smart cards. However, all this will change with the advent of JAVA cards.

    JAVA card is a kind of contact microprocessor smart card which can run JAVA program. The program running in the card is called Applet. Applet can be loaded on a JAVA card dynamically. The API of the JAVA card makes a special subset of the JAVA language for the smart card. Today 95% of smart card manufacturers already support the API of JAVA cards. The emergence of JAVA and JAVA API makes the programming of smart cards both fast and simple, and the application of these cards is Appletc.

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