The difference between IC card and ID card

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The difference between IC card and ID card
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 219 times Pubdate: 2018-04-19

  ID card is ordinary RF card. The simplest and most common RF card is the low frequency 125KHZ ID card. 
ID cards were also used to be called " EM cards " because they used the Swiss EM4100 / 4102 chip heavily. 
The ID card has a read-only function, which contains a unique 64b anti-rewrite password, and its card number is solidified and guaranteed to be globally unique at the factory, can never be changed. Its low cost, more applications in the sale of rice, attendance and other aspects. 

   IC card is the product of VLSI technology, computer technology and information security technology. The 
integrated circuit chip is embedded in the designated position of the plastic substrate, and the storage 
characteristics of the integrated circuit are utilized to save, read and modify the information on the chip. 
The concept of IC card is put forward in the early 70s, IC card appear, with its ultra-small volume, advanced 
integrated circuit chip technology, and special security measures, and the characteristics that cannot be 
deciphered and counterfeited, have been widely welcomed, and have been widely used in finance for 40 years,transportation, communications, medical care, identification and other areas. In accordance with the
form of data transmission with the outside world, IC card has contact IC card and contactless IC card.
The IC card can be divided into memory card, logic encryption card and CPU card according to the difference of IC card.


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