IC card system and ID card system

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IC card system and ID card system
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 260 times Pubdate: 2018-04-18

in the industry of smart card, there are some new customers not understand the function of the 
smart card in every day . Now let me introduce the commonly used IC card and ID card chip function comparison : 

1. Security : 
IC card is much safer than ID card. ID card number read without any permission is easy to copy. The reading
and writing of the recorded data in the IC card requires corresponding password authentication, and even each area of the card has different password protection to comprehensively protect data security, Ic card provides a good hierarchical management mode for different passwords of data and readout data, ensure system security. 

2. Recordable : 
ID card can not be written to the data, and its record content ( card number ) can only be written once by 
the chip manufacturer, the developer can only use the card number to develop a new number management system according to the actual needs of the system. The IC card can not only read a large number of users by authorized users it can also be written into a large amount of data by authorized users ( such as new card number, user's permission, user information, etc. ), and the contents of the IC card can be repeatedly erased. 

3.Storage capacity : 
ID card only records card number; and the IC card ( such as Philips Mifare 1 card ) can record about 1000 
characters in content. 

4. Offline and Networking : 
there is no content in ID card, therefore, the authority of the card holder, the system function operation 
should be completely dependent on the support of the computer network platform database, and the IC card 
itself has recorded a large number of users the contents ( card number, user information, authority, consumption balance and other large amount of information ) can be completely separated from the computer platform to realize the automatic conversion between the network and offline line mode, can achieve a wide range of use, less demand for wiring. 

5. Card expansion application : 
ID card due to no record, no partition, only rely on network software to deal with the information of various 
subsystems, which greatly increase the dependence on the network; if the user wants to increase the
function points after the ID card system is completed, another wiring is needed, which not only increases the construction difficulty, but also increases the unnecessary investment so, using ID card to do the system, it 
is difficult to expand the system, it is difficult to realize the real card. And the IC card storage area itself is divided into 16 partitions, each partition has a different password, with a number of subsystems independent management functions, such as the first partition to achieve access control, the second partition to achieve consumption.


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