The introduction of chip bank card

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The introduction of chip bank card
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 240 times Pubdate: 2018-04-24
bank card inside the preservation of their own property, so we should attach great importance to security. 
Compared with the traditional magnetic stripe bank card, the security of the chip bank card is greatly 
improved. The so-called chip bank card is the chip as the medium of the bank smart card. 

Now the market has two kinds of chip bank card standards, one is the international application of more EMV
standards, one is the central bank's PB0C2.0 standard. ICBC launched a bank card, using the central bank 
standards. In terms of card security, chip bank card technology content is higher, capacity is greater, 
take personal password, card and reader two-way authentication, it is difficult to be copied and forged, 
and will not be degaussed like a magnetic stripe card. " internationally, there has been no duplication 
of chip bank cards. ". " 

chip bank cards provide services ( available offline transactions and integration management ) 

For the majority of cardholders, the bank card is replaced by a magnetic stripe chip. ", not only the card 
security is greatly improved, but also it can enjoy more convenient functions. The chip card has a large 
capacity, and can store information such as key, digital certificate, fingerprint, etc. Its working 
principle is similar to that of a microcomputer, and can also have a variety of functions, to provide a 
multi-purpose card for cardholders. It can not only realize the financial function of ordinary magnetic 
stripe bank card, but also provide offline transaction, non-contact transaction and membership management 
for cardholders, integration management, authentication, building access management, transportation payment or medical information storage and other intelligent services. 

for example offline transactions, if the cardholder opened an electronic wallet function, even if the credit
card device is not successfully connected with the background, the small credit card consumption can be 
successful payment will not be encountered due to credit card equipment can not be connected and can not 
swipe things. 


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