What is a parent membership card?

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What is a parent membership card?
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 287 times Pubdate: 2018-05-14
The child card is also called the Siamese card, usually a large card and one or a few small cards produced 
together. The connection points of the two cards are dotted, all pinholes, which can be easily broken apart. 
Become a few independent cards. A type of special type card. Generally used in supermarkets or shopping 
malls as a membership card. 

Two cards are sprayed with the same bar code for the supermarket to scan and record the membership 
information. The big card is the standard size ( bank card size ), the small card will generally open a 
small round hole in the corner, so that it can be worn on the key chain, which is more convenient to carry. 

Mother-card technology : 

first, smooth mother-card. It can be divided into screen printing, offset printing and screen printing. 
Screen printing, offset printing and screen printing, after the printing, you can add gilded silver, 
magnetic stripe, bar code, signature bar. 

Second, the matte mother card : matte card making with smooth surface card, the difference is that the 
reason why matte card and the effect is generally not recommended for customers to do hot stamping silver 
the technology of. 

Third, transparent mother card : transparent card is made of transparent PVC plastic, also can be divided 
into screen printing, offset printing and screen printing. Screen printing, offset printing and screen 
printing after the offset surface membership card can be made to add bronzing, magnetic stripe, bar code, 
signature bar and other processes. 

You can refer to the following figure : 


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