How should be properly the PVC card preserved in daily use?

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How should be properly the PVC card preserved in daily use?
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 237 times Pubdate: 2018-04-25
The PVC card is very important in daily life : especially if the smart card is not stored properly, it 
will not only make the appearance greatly reduced, it will also significantly shorten the service life 
and increase unnecessary costs. Of course, the quality of the chip itself is also a noteworthy problem, 
it is recommended to choose a good reputation, good quality, good service manufacturers, this will be 
guaranteed. For magnetic stripe card, barcode card, ID thick card, contact IC card, contactless IC card, 
how should we protect in daily life, we give some suggestions : 

1, the protection of magnetic stripe card : to avoid wear and tear, to avoid close to the phone and other 
magnetic objects or a strong magnetic field, avoid degaussing. 

2, barcode card protection recommendations : to avoid wear and tear, the proposed pressure film when the 
production, to avoid scratching, affecting the data read. 

3, ID thick card protection advice : ID thick card is often used for staff attendance, canteen meal card 
RF card, so to avoid bending, oil, pay attention to the position of the chip, pressure drop and so on near 
the heat source. 

4, contact IC card protection advice : to keep the card face guess clean, flat, do not fold; do not touch 
the metal chip to prevent electrostatic breakdown; keep away from high temperature and water, don't let 
the chips fall off; insert the card in the correct direction, and you can't insert the card. 

5, non-contact-type IC card protection recommendations : to avoid scratching, breaking, bending, breakage, 
cutting, drilling, soaking, close to high temperature, do not overlap the two cards. 

If you can save the cards properly, the life of the card will be greatly improved. Some card quality is 
not good, easy to fade, time is long easy to drop the film, like Yangcheng Tong; this is likely to greatly 
reduce the life of the card, this time you can buy a card set to protect it, to avoid unnecessary wear and 
tear. Usually, there are three PVC card process options : smooth face card, matte surface card, in the 
process of making process selection, the individual proposed to choose the dumb face, because this card 
looks more upscale, and not easy to scratch, easy to save. Unlike glossy cards, it's easy to get scratches. 
I hope these suggestions will help you to protect your card. 


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