Where is the advantage of smart CPU card?

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Where is the advantage of smart CPU card?
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 246 times Pubdate: 2018-04-24
With the arrival of the IoT era, the development of social intelligence, smart card demand increased 
dramatically, in order to more convenient way of life, the technology content of smart card is also 
improved, with the emergence of smart CPU card. Compared with other smart cards, smart CPU card has 
better security, and the security technology of chip and COS provides a double security guarantee for 
CPU card, the CPU card with its own operating system requires less computer network system, and can 
realize offline operation and automatic guarantee of data integrity in transactions ( anti-pulling ), 
the application layer command has the standard to be easy to be unified, the intelligent CPU card and 
the large capacity storage space can satisfy the storage of the customer message of the big financial 
consumption, the non-contact CPU card security mechanism can provide a good guarantee for this, is very 
suitable for electronic wallet, social security system, 

in recent years, the IC card refueling system, security access control, and highway automatic consumption 
have made great progress in the application of smart CPU card ah, I believe that in the future, the company 
will be more committed to providing convenient service for people's lives. 


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