What are the reasons that affect the price of PVC card?

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What are the reasons that affect the price of PVC card?
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 222 times Pubdate: 2018-04-23

The first factor : the production of PVC card raw materials, that is, PVC board, our PVC material is brand 
new, pure white, the cards do look more upscale, and some manufacturers blindly pursue the price, 

and second, the use of gray material PVC, as long as the comparison with the new PVC, it is clear that what 
is good or bad. Second factor : PVC card printing, our ink is imported Apollo ink, printing effect is very 
good, colorful, the color difference is also small. We use four-color offset printing for printing. If the 
customer is demanding, there is a kind of card to provide, need to color, we also have professional old 
printing master, in the production process, with the quasi-color, to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Third factor : PVC card printing machine, offset press for printing, we used the German imported Heidelberg 
offset press. 

Fourth factor : protect the PVC card protective film, adding a layer of protective film on both sides of the 
card, while adding film will increase the production cost, but it can make the card durable and colorfast, 
and it is not easy to produce scratches, watermarks and so on, which make the appearance of the card greatly reduced. 

Fifth factor : strict QC inspection, strict QC inspection is a very important step in the production process, 
each card must be carefully checked by our QC personnel once it is not up to standard, and there is a little 
fine lines or scratches, we will not want to, we will only present the best products to our customers. In 
particular, chip cards, each card must pass the test, shelf life of one year. 

Our commitment is that the normal usage rate of cards is 99 %. Fifth factor : the outer packing of PVC card, 
card standard packing way is 200 pieces / box, 25 boxes / box. The cartons and cartons used by our company are sturdy and handsome, and the cards also need to be covered with a protective film and then packed in boxes to prevent KuaiDi or other factors from damaging the card . From the above analysis, we can know that when you choose to cooperate with manufacturers, do not blindly look for the lowest price manufacturers, quality and price is always proportional to. Some manufacturers can do a very low price, but the cost is there, and what company is willing to do a loss business, so the manufacturers must be in the quality of the top down, or the use of gray material PVC, or without film, or do not do quality inspection, this process comes down.


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