what is Smart card electronic student card ?

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what is Smart card electronic student card ?
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 185 times Pubdate: 2018-05-23
Many people hear the smart card electronic student card is about to conduct a comprehensive trial
operation in Shanghai, that is, Shanghai children can get smart card after school in September this year
e-learning card. If successful trial operation in Shanghai, will be promoted in the country, but many people
do not know what smart card e-learning card is for, now let me introduce you. 

Smart card e-student card is a small smart card, smart card containing a smart chip, which stores all the 
students' information in the chip, and a multi-purpose card can be used in the campus and off-campus
traffic. At the same time, the smart card electronic student card, in addition to the school books, reading
and other credentials, will also record the growth of children, including social practice records, the level 
of physical fitness monitoring. The e-student ID will analyze the learning behavior of the students based 
on the recorded information and make recommendations for their future career choice. 

Now the main functions of smart card e-learning card are as follows : 

( 1 ) non-contact smart attendance 
( 2 ) to school leaving notice 
( 3 ) SOS emergency SOS 
( 4 ) family call 
( 5 ) security level home Query 
( 6 ) Education Cloud Platform 
( 7 ) Campus-Cartoon Simultaneous 

Smart Card e-Learning Card is also opened up with the following four service platforms to ensure the 
smart card e-learning card sharing and sharing information with the platform. 


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