what is a contactless IC card?

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what is a contactless IC card?
Author: peter ( ZFCARD-Technology Department ) View: 254 times Pubdate: 2018-06-06
   Before the emergence of contactless IC card, it was contact-type IC card. Because the contact-type IC card needs to plug in card, it is easy to cause chip wear and tear.The speed of operation is slow, so it is not very convenient to use, so people find a new technology to replace the contact IC card, that is, non-contact IC card, the non-contact IC card is to lay antenna inside the card. The receiver emits and transmits signals with the antenna of the reader so as to realize a wireless communication. There is no mechanical contact between the contactless IC card and the reader, the RF card is short for RF card, and the non-contact IC card has no mechanical contact with the reader. Avoid birth due to contact reading and writing All kinds of malfunctions. The contactless IC card does not have to be exposed on the surface of the chip, no need to worry about chip shedding, electrostatic breakdown, bending, damage and so on, which greatly improves the reliability of card use. At the same time in the use of the card does not need to plug card uncards, just close to the card reader, greatly simplify the operation process, more convenient to use.

If the contactless IC card is classified according to the IC card chip, it can be divided into memory card, logic encryption card and CPU card. If classified according to its working distance, it can be divided into dense coupling card, near coupling card and sparse coupling card. If classified according to its working frequency, it can be divided into 125kHz low frequency card, 13. 56MHz high frequency or radio frequency card, 915MHz, 2. 45GHz ultra high frequency card, 5. 8CHz microwave card.

Because of the convenience of non-contact IC card, simple operation, long service life cycle, more and more people use it. At the same time, the use range of contactless IC card has been expanded to various industries, such as bus card, subway card, etc. Campus card, highway pass card, refueling card, access card, parking card, attendance card, canteen meal card, etc. It can be seen that the use of contactless IC cards is very extensive.


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