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 Leave Message Title:  Do you produce access control ic smart card ?

Leave message: (Date:2012-06-09 13:30:06)
Hello, I am felix from usa,I want customized some access control ic sart card,I want to know, can you produce them for me, if you can, please give me a quote.
Reply: (Date:2012-06-10 10:32:55)
Dear felix! I am lina,thank you leave message to us,we can produce access control smart card. The price depend on the smart chip and craftsmanshipdo you have the card design file,if you have, please send it to me.if you have some request, please tell me, then I can give you a right quoto to you,thank you
 Leave Message Title:  Do you have factory ?

Leave message: (Date:2012-06-04 11:41:06)
Hello! I am denny,I want to buy smart card,I want to know,do you have factory? If you have ,I am going to visit your factory,please tell me your smart card factory address.thank you!
Reply: (Date:2012-06-05 10:33:11)
Dear denny, I am peter, we have smart card factory, our factory was in china. Welcome to our factory,please tell me what's time you will come. Then I will prepare time for you. Our factory address:6 floor Building C Yushu Industrial Park GuangPu West Road of Guangzhou city of China
 Leave Message Title:  What'price of the smart card ?

Leave message: (Date:2012-05-31 11:21:31)
I wang to purchase smart card,I want to buy five thousand pcs,please quoted for me.
Reply: (Date:2012-06-01 10:33:27)
Dear sir! I am andy,thank you leave message,please tell me what's chip smart card do you want? We have T5577;Mifare1 S50; Mifare1 S70;SEL4442;SEL4428;AT24C01A; AT24C02;AT24C04;AT24C08;AT24C16; AT24C64;AT24C128;AT24C256.,fudan chip,our price depend on the chip and craftsmanship what you choose.So I must be know the craftsmanship what you choose,our smart card craftsmanship have Clear Finish (Gloss),Clear Finish (Frosted),Metallic Finish(Gold/Silver),Matte Lamination,Bar Codes,Signature Panel,Embossed Numbers with Gold/Silver tipping,Flat Numbers (Color),Flat Numbers (Black),Magnetic Strip (Free Data Writing),Die Cut,Holograms,Invisible UV Printing,if you don't know them,please go to our contact us,Free call:400-659-8838
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