After sale service

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After sale service

1. We use phone tracking service for all the smart cards we provided after deal.

2. Guarantee period valid from the date both sides confirm the cards qualified, two years guarantee ( details see sales contract).

3. If artificial damage , misoperation, natural distaster, act for god such reasons lead to breakdown, will out of the guarantee list.

4. We charge maintennance costs which would be lower than marketing sales price after guarantee period, we provide technical backup service all the life time.

5. We will set up the date of production, daily maintenance, maintenance service file, record the use and maintenance situation of the smart cards in detail.

6. Periodically call customer to solve specific problems of the smart cards while working, nip in the bud.

7. We provide technical training how to use smart card and simply maintain for it.

8. We will consider how to improve our after service in the eyes of management and technology, and provide full guarantee for customers.

9. Within the guarantee period: we solve problems throught telephone hotline for smart cards. If still doní»t work, cards can return factory to check exact problems.

10. Response time within 24 hours.

11. 24 hours after service hotline: 400-659-8838



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