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Custom Process

We are a specialized manufacturer which produces various kinds of smart card. With the development of society, all kinds of smart card are going deeper and deeper into our lives; its structure constantly develops to the direction of diversification. Our products are widely used in various business, and the requirements of various business for smart card are not the same. Thus, a variety of customized services is accordingly born.

Custom Process :

1. First of all, we have to understand the use, specifications, materials and quantity of custom smart card.
2. We give the quotation and again confirm the information.
3. Designing, draw artwork, confirm artwork and custom copper etching.
4. Sample production.
5. Confirm samples and arrange production.

The society continuously develops, people's demand is also rising and the requirements of various business for smart cards are more and more stringent. Custom services of the enterprise can maximum meet customers' needs.

the follow is our custome service process for customer. welcome to contact us. our service tel: 400-659-8838 .


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