Enterprise culture

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Enterprise culture

Zhanfeng Purpose To create maximum value for clients, To provide long-term quality services.
Zhanfeng spirit  Unity, Practice, Exploitation, Innovation, Refinement.
Zhanfeng Vision  Do global professional partner first choice.
Zhanfeng Mission  Creating  strong and high quality brand, Casting the first-class enterprise image.
Operation Principle  Integrity win the world.
Surviving principle  Sophisticated technology ,excellent quality ,sincere service  ,prospering  the reputation.
Client principle  creating products , creating customers , We Own Everyting Given By Our Customer.
Product principle  forbiding defective products into the market.
Worldly Principle  Be Honest ,Be Grateful , Willing To Share , Dare To Face.
Talent Strategy   Great Talent Make Great Team To Make Great Company .
Zhanfeng style  Dare To Take Responsibility ,Keep Promise , Active Dedication, Strive to Be Delicate .
Zhanfeng Standard  Keeping a positive mental attitude to ensure to finish the task without any excuses .


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