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Order Process

1 Order Process:

First: We accept order through MSN , Yahoo message, QQ, email, express, network harddisk, etc(design file);

Second: We will provide design for customer who don't have design file. ( we charge RMB150-300 for the design)

Third: Our company make Production  order after design confirmed, with customer signed ( or oral confirmation).

Fourth: Production will be arranged after deposit paid (cash, bank transfer), production cycle  is 4-10 days( full payment before production for small orders no more than 1000pcs, 30%-50% deposit for order above 1000pcs)

Firth: Balance paid before goods delivery when production finished. Delivery terms: ( self pick up, by express, by car, by post, by railway, by air), freight paid by customer, optional delivery terms.

2 To order and design confirmed:

1) The right file to place an order is Coreldraw 9 file, while you can also provide us other vector file, such as, PSD, AI or PDF. We have professioanl designers to convert the design, and it would be sent to clients for final confirmation. Words in the file should be converted into curve, effect (like transparent effect) should be converted into lattice diagram.

2) The interior casing size:85.5*54nnm, outline border size:88.5*57mm, the round corner of the card is 10 degree.

3) The font for small embossing number size 14, big embossing number is size 18, it can be indicated by boldface letter, the most digits for small embossing numbers and big embossing numbers is 15 including blank space. Embossing numbers can do silver/gold hot-stamping, individual embossing number is available for special reuqirements.

4) The distance between embossing number and card edge is at least 5cm, the distance from mag.stirpe to card edge( top/bottom) is 4mm, the width of mag.stripe is 12mm.

5) Contact IC card: the design of embossing number can not be the same postion as the back side of the chip, otherwise, the chip would be unable to swipe.

6) The design of embossing number can not be the same postion as the back side of the chip, otherwise, the data cannot be read out. IC card leaves room for barcode according to customer's design.

7) Colour contrast: the ideal range is from 18% to 85%, if the highlight area lower than 18% or shaded area higher than 85, the gradual change of the color would be worse.

8) Color mode should be CMYK, pure black text or black background should be K100 pure color lump anti-white text, white text need to add a white border.

9) The thickness of the line cannot be thinner than 0.076mm, otherwise, the printing will not appeare.

10) The setting for the shading and the base map should not be lower than 8%,    or it will not appear when finished card come out.

11) To make a design of contact IC card, the following items should be indicated  before plaing an order:

A. To indicate the quantity of the cards, mark where is the card number begins from and other special requirements. Is card number the small embossing number, big embossing number, priniting number or jet dot number? Does it need to do silver/gold hot-stamping or not? How many signuture panels it has on the back side of the card? Even once the number is 4 or 7, does it need to to get rid of?
B. It need to be mark out as a point when texts or images need to do gold or silver hot-stamping in the front side.
C. It should be indicated clearly in the order draft if there any special crafts for contactless IC card.

12) As the card is different from the printing carrier, the finished card would have centain color difference from the design shows on computer or the paper print out.

13) The color should be filled in accoring CMYK color book. The color shows on the computer or print out, cannot be regarded as the printing color of the finished card.

3 To confirm card crafts:

1) IC can be designed according to the files customer provides, customer can also provide design file.
2) The thickness range of IC card is from 0.5mm to 2mm, the interantional standard thickness is 0.84mm
3) The standard size of IC card is 85.5*54mm, the rounded corner value is 10 degree.
4) IC can be printed on one side and both sides, we use digital printing, silkscreen printing or offset printing(CMYK full color printing), it can also print pantone color(offset special printing, silkscreen special printing, gold/silver printing).
5) Every IC card can be printed on different number, text and printing number(printing number includes white/black printing number, gold/silver printing numer), laser number ( yellow/black laser nuimber), embossing number(gold/silver, big/small).
6) IC card can added  signature panel or writable board( area which can be written by hand)
7) IC can add hi co or lo co magnetic stripe(3 tracks) according to customer¡¯s requirements, , this kind of card is called IC magnetic stripe card.
8) IC card can be digged round hole or strip-type hole.
9) IC can be printed jet dot number and scratch stripe( common used as rechargeable card/phone card/lottery card, etc), this kind of card called scratch card, it can be also called as passport card.
10) IC card can be printed different kinds of barcode, it is barcode card( barcode cards which common used are code 39, code 128 and EAN code).
11) The number of  IC card  can be sequential, or personality and irregular code. It can also be printed as the UID number of the chip( the UID code common style are ABA code, WG code, Manchester code, decimal code and hex code)
12) IC card can be made into square, round or other irregular shapes, this kind   of card is called irregular card, this kind of card is called special-shaped card. we can make epoxy card which has crystal effect, it can be digged hole, to put through a rope.
13) IC card can be printed with gold-silver background, it is called flash gold card.
14) IC card can add gold/silver hot-stamping, it is called stamping card (common used are gold/silver stamping, red gold stamping, blue stamping, gold/silver laser, etc)
15) IC card surface can be forsted, glossy or matte , it can also add UV to make it has an effect of embossing, and anti-fake effect( the anti-fake sign cannot be seen in the surface, only when you take a UV lamp to shine on it)
16) IC Card can use like PVC, ABS or PET such high-temperature material, and half transparent or full clear material, it is called transparent card.


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