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I. Six advantages of  as cooperative distributer of Zhanfeng Smart Card

1. Excellent quality

      Guangzhou Zhanfeng Smart Card Technology Co.,Ltd. Founded more than ten years in Guangzhou named "Business City" ,  gained consistent approval from user at home and abroad  under remarkable quality, products around the world . Has a Influence in Guangdong market . The product quality with ISO international quality authentication and CE certification , established long-term  interactive cooperation relationship with reasearch institutions from several colleges and universities .

2. High Quanlity & Reasonable Price.

      Guangzhou zhanfeng fabrication limited since the inception of the company, with the advanced technologies and management experience in production costs down to the bottom of the lowest, and establishing their own research and development team, provide for the customer from production sales to the after-sale service; So as to ensure that the service life of the smart card extend and market similar products compare, the same price, zhanfeng have the best quality, the same quality zhanfeng have the most superior price, the same price , Zhanfeng Card have the best quality , have the most superior price even under the same quality .

3. Timely Delivery.

    Zhanfeng Card Strictly comply with its commitments, All products in order after receiving notice, made organization production timely ,so that ensure the supply within 7 days ,the user from pearl river delta , the company responsible for sending goods  to the agreed location, the most greatly to the clients.

4. Elegant advertisements.

      Even a single page product advertisement ,product sample , easy pull advertisement , we will  entrust a specialized advertising company design production, printed, designed varied in different styles . Not only can keep the company always tradition, and a fashionable characteristic, convenient for merchants' showing, but also can improve the advertisements effect.

5. Flexible Training System .

       Zhanfeng Card organize specialized technical personnel to  compile and print the training materials, and to develop professional training instructors, at any time according to the customer request to training sales staff and operation personnel as customers needing , more can carry out the door training. To ensure customers no cares in future.

6. Perfect Service.

        In the smart card products sales or using process, we can provide  free on-site technical service and the guidance as customers 's request. All the sold smart cards, withone year free maintenance, life long with technical service.

II.  Ways of Cooperation . 

      Store sales smart cards, display products advertisements , and provide after sales service.According to the unity favourable prices merchants offered company sample in sales, and the free offered easy pull single page, product advertising ,posters quotation (easy to pull posters single page product advertising , the all  quotation title to company , The cooperation termination when all materials were returned back  ), showed along with all the stores , and further improved display effect. The cooperative business agent undertake the order, will be shalled full commission as corresponding reward  from  us .

III.  Join Condition .

1. Have certain sales channel (or potential) and management ability. At the same time , having an good understanding to the local smart card  application market  is preferred.
2.  Now engaged in the smart card sales or agent companies  and industry outstanding marketing personnel is preferred.
3.  Familiar with sales channel and smart card circulation has certain financial strength is preferred.
4. To fully accept the unified price and sales management system of company .

IV. Support from Head Office .

1.Local media advertising and publicity exhibition support
2. Maintenance treatment
3. Sales skills and sales knowledge training
4.Quantity limited of the regional agent
5.Headquarters offer  information support to regional customer

V. Agent Policy.

1. Cooperation business sign formal cooperation agreement , execute to     the letter.
2. All business cooperation arranged special salesman to  provide follow-up service.
3.The salesman should provide weekly door-to-door service over 1 time weekly .  listened to comments and Suggestions from business partners . Also provide detailed interview record, intentional customer tracking lists confirmation with customers name .
4.Salesman  found problems during on-site service process,  to put forward rational Suggestions timely , and correcting  as soon as possible
5. Expansion of business from partner  , salesman should offer full support.
6. If business partner need technical service and  sales personnel training, the salesman should inform company, so as to make arrangements as soon as possible.
7. Salesman should provide company products information and market information to business partner time to time .

VI. Application process.

1.  To fill in Cooperation applications
2. Provide business license, tax registration certificate Chief photocopy of ID card.
3. Business mananger will examine by himself.
4. Marketing director signs review opinions, company for examination and approval.
5. Negotiation
6. To sign relevant agreements.



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