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To Customer letter

A letter to customers from  general manager
      The movement of nature is staunch and powerful, gentleman should be strenuous and never say give up!
The momentum of the earth is thick and amiable, gentleman should incrassate virtue, accommodate all things on earth!

      Everything in the universe keeps growing and changing, they are all comply to one rule, that is nature move rule which beyond the space, called principle!

      Everything has its principle to comply with, enterprise is also one of the things in the world, of course it has its principle to follow.
      We (Guangzhou Zhanfeng Smart Card Technology Co., Ltd) has been insisting our enterprise spirit which is "professional, win-win and thankful", we are  keeping business operation rule which is "see principle from business", "control others' heart by morality", control people by heart". We establish on this field by our professional technology. Win-win is the idea of our company, we serve staffs by management, serve customers by staffs, suppport and assistant suppliers to achieve win-win together. We are thankful to staffs and society, we take action to return them. Thanks for all the people who support and help the growth of enterprise! Thanks for all the people who have dedicated to the growth of enterprise!

      Everyone in Zhanfeng card company study and grow up together, our  aim is creating an elite team which is energetic, fightable, combat-worthy, cohesive and has the alility to learn more new things. We create for our workmate a harmonious, thankful, win-win and loving life space! We provide suppliers a cooperation model which is with fair, equality, mutual assistance, win-win and grow up together. We also provide customers a consume experience which is valued, satisfied, respectful and have a sense of achievement.

       Following the right principle is the only way to grow up all the time for people who are doing poineering work. For that, we would serve more people and return more to the society.


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