Membership card production must know the knowledge
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Membership card production must know the knowledge

I. Membership card overview

Membership card refers to the general identification card, including shopping malls, hotels, fitness centers, restaurants and other consumer places of membership authentication, their use is very wide, where the need to identify the identity of the place, can be applied to the identification card. By far the most used card is the membership card.

Second, membership card classification:

1, membership card according to the storage medium technology can be divided into: PVC card, magnetic card, RF ID card, IC card (RF IC card, contact IC card), dual interface IC card (magnetic stripe IC card, dual interface contact IC card), video card.

2, membership card according to the material can be divided into: ordinary printed membership card, magnetic stripe membership card, IC membership card, ID membership card, metal membership card.

3, membership card according to the industry can be divided into: hotel membership card, food membership card, travel membership card, medical membership card, hairdressing membership card, clothing membership card, Internet cafe membership card.

4, membership card according to the level can be divided into: VIP membership card, member gold card, member silver card, ordinary membership card several.

5, membership card according to the function can be divided into: prepaid membership card, cashback membership card, integral membership card, discount membership card.

6, membership cards can be divided into: ordinary membership cards, third-party membership cards.

7, membership card production process is divided into: frosted card, transparent card, matte card, smooth card, magnetic stripe card, bar code card;

Third, the type of chip for making membership cards:

Most of the membership cards we often do are the use of magnetic stripe cards, with the development of technology, now many shopping malls have begun to use id cards or ic cards. Currently available chips are :ID chip (domestic TK4100, IDUA1001, EM4100, low frequency T5577); IC chip: contact chip (4442, 4428, 4412, 24C series chips), induction chip (domestic F08, S50, S70, IISI, 4439, Kunrui) and other chips.

Four, membership card production process:

The process of making membership card is: matte, frosted, UV card, hot gold, hot silver, film, color printing, surface smooth, laser code, jet code, UV code and other processes.

Five, membership card application field:

At present, the application of membership card is quite extensive, and the most important applications are hotels, restaurants, tourism, medical treatment, hairdressing, clothing, Internet cafes, supermarkets, shopping malls, entertainment and so on.

Six, membership card price:

The price of membership card is affected by more factors, such as the type of chip packaged in the membership card, the production process, the material used, the number of customized membership cards and other factors. The more the number of customized membership cards, the more preferential the price, others include whether the card includes tax, whether it includes freight, how long the production cycle of the card, whether the urgent need for urgent fees, these are to be confirmed in the early stage, so as not to talk about some problems after the completion of the card, and lead to unpleasant. In the actual transaction process, there will also be some things that are not made clear in advance and then increased, leading to unpleasant communication, so this should be paid special attention to.

As for the custom membership card what price, must be based on their own needs, business card printing is now very transparent, the price is actually about the same, is the gap in quality and production level of the gap, choose the corresponding quality of the corresponding price.

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