What are the three forms of hotel room card?
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What are the three forms of hotel room card?

As we all know, the hotel room card currently has three forms, one is the magnetic stripe card, followed by the contact IC card, and one is the induction room card.

The first kind of door lock magnetic card, the general magnetic stripe card above will mark the card direction, according to the arrow instructions, insert the door lock card slot to complete the door opening action, because the magnetic stripe door card is easy to degaussing, often lead to guests swipe the card, can not open the door, thus giving guests a bad housing experience, so it has been gradually eliminated by the market

The second is the contact IC room card, this room card chip is generally placed on the surface of the PVC card, there will be an arrow mark on the surface of the card, prompting the direction of the card, as long as you insert the card slot in the door lock according to the arrow indication, hear the sound of the door lock rotation, you can open the door, this kind of room card needs to read the card through the contact between the chip and the door lock reading head to complete the door opening action, After repeated use, the chip on the card will be damaged or fall off, so it is gradually no longer used.

The third is the current more popular induction room card, he is composed of a chip, induction antenna (coil), packaged in a standard PVC card, chip and antenna without any exposed part. It is mainly based on the Faraday electromagnetic induction principle to complete the read and write operation, and only need to be close to the lock induction area when using, you can open the door.

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