What are the forms of presentation of gift cards
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What are the forms of presentation of gift cards

Gift cards are known as a form of voucher or pre-spend card. Usually there are two forms of presentation: card sleeve and naked card form. The "card sleeve" is designed by the issuing gift card company, and if the card sleeve is required, the gift card company adds the exquisite packaging process of the card sleeve during the production process. The "naked card" is just a simple card making, without any packaging form.

The gift card with the card can protect the card itself, but also show the grade of the gift, the "card" part is usually clearly marked the variety of the gift, specifications, quantity, issuer, issue date and the validity period of the card and other relevant information can be

What kind of gift card do you need? Whether you are a business user or an individual user, tell us your needs, and the rest is left to our manufacturers.

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