What is the customization and use method of hotel room card?
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What is the customization and use method of hotel room card?

As we all know, nowadays many people need to stay in other places because of work, travel and other reasons, generally we will book hotel accommodation before departure. After you check in to the hotel, the hotel service staff will give you a room card, then how to use the room card? Next, Xiaobian will simply introduce it to you.

1. According to experts, hotel room cards are mainly divided into two types: inductive and plug-in cards. You can find the corresponding room according to the number on the room card. If it is inductive, we can put the room card in the electromagnetic induction area under the door, hear a light sound, and then turn the handle to open the door; If it is a card type, we will put the room card chip up, insert the card slot of the door, and pull out the room card to open the door when the green light of the door is on.

2. Under normal circumstances, the back of the hotel room card will indicate the use of the room card. After you get the room card, you can open the door according to the instructions on the room card. If we accidentally leave the room card in the room, you can find the hotel customer service staff, through the identity verification to help open the door, for example, we by showing the reservation of the hotel order, ID card and other ways of identity verification.

3, if the room card is accidentally lost, we can apply for replacement, the cost of replacement depends on the relevant regulations of the hotel, usually the business hotel replacement fee ranges from 30-100 yuan, under normal circumstances, the hotel for the loss of the room card compensation will be indicated on the check-in notice. We need to protect our key cards when we check into the hotel. We should pay attention to the time when applying for check-out, the general hotel is 12 noon check-out, if you check out between 12 and 18, you need to pay half a day.

Xiaobian summary: About the hotel room card use method is what, Xiaobian will simply introduce you to here. I hope that after reading this article, you can understand the use of hotel room card. You should protect your key card after checking into the hotel.

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